The Vietnamese Hoagie

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What kind of 8 inch delicious and filling sandwich can you get for less than 3 bucks? And no, I am not talking about a chicken sandwich from your local fast food chain. It is the Vietnamese Sandwich “Banh Mi” of course! Vietnamese sandwiches are cheap, tasty and a quick way to feed your appetite whether it is breakfast (yes I did say breakfast), lunch, dinner, or a snack.

These Vietnamese Subs or Hoagies are filled with a variety of meats or tofu, pickled raddish and carrot, cilantro and green chilis inside a fresh and aromatic Baguette spread with mayonnaise, pate, and soy sauce. It may sound like a strange concoction if you have never tried one, but the sandwiches are strangely delicious and most of all, addicting.

Vietnamese sandwich shops are popping up all over the United States in the cities, suburbs and towns. They are becoming ever-so-popular among the working professionals who want a quick, inexpensive, and healthier alternative to the traditional “fast food” choices for lunch. Students are also swarming Vietnamese sandwich shops for a cheap, tasty and filling lunch they can enjoy with their friends. There is even a Vietnamese sandwich franchise, called Lee’s Sandwiches, springing up in California, Arizona and Texas. This booming business gives Subway a run for its money.

The Vietnamese sandwich is not fancy, but what sandwich is? Sandwiches historically are meals that are filling, can be eaten with one hand, and without any utensils. The Vietnamese sandwich fulfills all those requirements and has the added benefit of being fresh and delicious. Bon Appetit!


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