The Spring Roll Trend


Is the spring roll trend here to stay? Am I the only one who has noticed one of the biggest trends right now in food is the “spring roll”? It is really funny how something that is considered a simple, common food for Vietnamese people has become such a huge hit. From happy hour to school bake sales to five star restaurants, the spring roll is the hippest item on the menu and does not show any signs of losing its popularity. Suffice it to say, I will go out on a limb and say that the spring roll is giving the burrito a run for its money.

What can be found for $1 a roll or 3 for $2.50 in little Vietnamese restaurants or bakeries packaged on a foam plate and wrapped with plastic wrap, can take on a whole new look at $10 for 2 rolls sliced diagonally and places decoratively on a nice plate with some type of garnish.

What is a spring roll? It is a rice paper wrapped roll with varying fillings. The traditional version is filled with rice noodles, mint, basil, slices of pork and shrimp and is often dipped in hoison sauce with chili. Restaurants have taken the liberty of taking the spring roll to the next level. I have seen spring rolls with tofu, duck, chicken, and many different types of vegetables, all equally appetizing.

Why the spring roll? The spring is economical to make, easy to assemble, and fits within the diets of even the most health conscious consumers. Best of all, adults and children can enjoy it since it is a delightful finger food. It is quick and easy at parties yet elegant enough to enjoy at the finest restaurant.

The spring roll is light, tasty, and has a nice burst of textures and flavors. All in all, I am glad that the spring roll is getting the exposure it deserves. The Vietnamese people knew what they were doing when they invented this meal all-rolled-into one, it has just taken the rest of the world a little while to discover this hidden gem.


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