The Asian Ambition – A personal account on the fastest-growing minority group


I am not sure how it has developed or what it is, but I call it The Asian Ambition. I define it as that special drive, ambition, and dreams Asians posses. I find that they have set high goals, pushed through and reached them.

My family is one among millions that escaped from Vietnam on a little boat for freedom. I’ve heard the depressing stories over and over, but the end is always my favorite part.

My family recently bought an apartment complex in Florida. Next to safely stepping off the boat, this is our biggest accomplishment. My family has been U.S. residents since 1978 and to be where we are now is truly something else. They can still tell stories about coming here with only the clothes on their back. And now, they own an entire complex.

The Florida complex has 44 units and is constantly being refurbished. My uncle just recently passed the Real Estate Exam and it looks like real estate is going to be the next big thing in our family. My family established Le Kreslin, LLC, a company that bares the last and middle names of the children.

Maybe The Asian Ambition started because our parents came here with nothing, but I know it doesn’t end with them. I, too, hold that same ambition and I hope that my children and their children will as well. My only hope is to bestow this ambition for future generations and to contribute to the already fastest-growing minority group in the nation.


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