Top Ten Things to Do With Surplus Banh Tet and Banh Chun

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It’s been over a week since Tet, and thanks to a huge number of loving relatives, I find myself knee high in banh tet and banh chung. There’s way too much to store or freeze, eating all of that is out of the question, I have no intention of hoarding it, and it’s a bit late for re-gifting, so I’ve been a bit at a loss as to what to do. After much thought, I’ve come up with the following list. All tradition and reverence aside, I present to you the Top Ten Things to Do With Surplus Banh Tet and Banh Chung.

1. Build an Igloo-

For those who live in the colder regions, it’s a cheap way for shelter, especially since prices for a new home are skyrocketing. Simply stack your banh chung and banh tet in a circle around your self, going higher and higher to make a wall. Hungry? Just peel a way the banana leaves and dig in.

2. Waterskis-

Some banh chung and banh tet actually float (I swear on this). Toss some into a pool of water, and pick the ones that float best. Strap them to your legs, and waterski!

3. Alpine Fun-

Strap some banh tet to your feet to use as skis, or better yet, flatten some banh chung, glue them together, and use as a snowboard!

4. Decoration

Take some banh chung and banh tet and use them to cobblestone your walkway this will beat any Martha Stewart home décor tip.

5. Hockey Pucks

Cleanly slice a chunk off of banh tet, freeze it, and use as a hockey puck.

6. Two Words: Door Stop

Although banh chung and banh tet are far different from fruitcake, they weigh pretty much the same and last pretty much forever if already frozen, so simply use it to replace that year-old fruitcake.

7. One Word: Paperweight

As heavy as these things can get, they’ll weigh down stacks and stacks of your office papers.

8. Furniture Leg Cushions

Tired of your sofas and chairs leaving dark imprints on your carpet that you’ll NEVER get out? Take a few slabs banh chung and put it under those legs.

9. Footstools

Stack a few high and rest your legs like a king/queen.

10. Save them!

Why not? Simply rent a huge freezer storage room, so you can have even MORE fun next year.


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