The Nail-Shops of America

Walk into a nail shop by the name of “Nail Expo 1000” or “Lucky Nails” in your local strip-mall and chances are, it is owned by a Vietnamese person or manned by Vietnamese manicurists. It is a lucrative and popular business venture among Vietnamese people and has shown no signs of stopping. It amazes me how many of these “nail shops” as I call them, pop up in different cities all over the United States.

Often these Vietnamese nail shops are family-owned and operated, a combined family investment and effort. The prices are extremely affordable and the locations are very convenient. You can usually find one of these nail stores next to your local supermarket or drug store. Beware during the holidays and prom seasons these places can be packed!

It used to be that these nail stores offered only manicures and pedicures but now these stores offer a variety of services including waxing, spa treatments and facials. The once simple tables and chairs have evolved into high tech spa chairs with bubbling basins to soak hands and feet in. Women and men alike can enjoy the services with friends and even have a “spa party” and have services done at the same time.

The nail shops undoubtedly are a big financial investment, with the cost of rent, materials, labor and advertising. However, the nail shops offer a creative way for Vietnamese people, some of whom do not have a chance to get a higher education, others who have a higher education but want an innovative business opportunity, to be successful.